Care Tips

Tips for caring for your new art prints and canvas art.

I hope your new art piece will bring lots of magic into your every days! To expand the vibrancy and quality of your new art, it is important to take careful care of it, so that it can bring you many days of happiness!


Unwrapping your new artwork:

Please take care when opening the container/box that your prints are packaged in. Please carefully open them as to not cut, rip or damage the delicate prints inside.  


Roll memory & flattening your art print:

Both art that is shipped flat or inside of a shipping tube, may present "roll memory". Roll memory is the paper’s desire to curl in on itself. This is due to the fact that generally, papers used for fine art, giclee printing, and your typical photo lab for photo prints, usually come in rolls and are not cut until after the print is complete. In most cases the prints will have had a chance to lose that roll memory by the time it get’s to you. How quickly, can be influenced by a couple things.

Size, temperature, humidity and paper type all can play a roll in creating certain degrees of roll memory in a print.


Size:  Smaller prints may need help to flatten out. Place something smooth and heavy on top in a warm dry area.


Temperature:  During the cooler times of the year, flattening is much harder. The easiest solution is to get it in a warm environment as soon as you can and then let them flatten out as mentioned above.


Paper Type:  Some paper types flatten out easier than others do. They will eventually flatten out on their own since they are no longer under the pressure of being rolled. Usually by the time they arrive to you they will have flattened out but during the colder months you may need to give them a little help. 


Best display conditions and caring for your new artwork: 

Caring for your new art and displaying them in the right environment will help keep their vibrancy and quality.

Direct Sunlight: Take care to NOT display your arts in direct sunlight as this will surely cause the colors to fade prematurely.

Smoking: Smoke will also negatively impact the lifespan of the media.

Humidity: High humidity can cause molding on an artwork. Low humidity will cause the wood stretcher frame of a canvas art to shrink which may cause the stretch to be less tight and result in sagging. This effect is temporary and will go away once it returns to a normal humidity range.