Earth Day Everyday & New Organic Collection!

emoji girl wearing glasses with the earth in both sides, and text that says Earth Day Everyday.

Hello Friend!

Yay! Its May! April has ended, and Earth Day / Month may be over, but it doesn't mean our efforts to be eco conscious are over. In fact, today I'm announcing exciting news about my new efforts to make "Earth Day" Everyday! 

One of my goals for 2022 is to become more eco knowledgeable and friendly. I wanted to begin learning ways that I could love and care for our magical planet we live on, and also offer new organic, eco friendly products that my eco conscious friends and supporters would love too! I'm happy to share that during "Earth Month" I researched, and have learned ways to begin a transition to become more eco conscious in my personal and art business.

Today, I’m so excited to announce and share with you, my new “Eco Friendly Art Gifts & Apparel Collection”, This collection consists of items that are made of at least 70% sustainable, recycled, or biodegradable materials. The collection will include seven beautiful new gifts & apparel products featuring my artworks and graphic designs, include organic mobile phone cases, organic tote bags, organic unisex t-shirts and hoodies, crop tops, and dresses! The image shows a few of the items already available in my shop!

ad for tshirts, tote bag and iphone case


There are a few other ways I am contributing to being eco friendly. As you can imagine, every order we place has a footprint. All my orders are created "on demand", meaning only after a customer places an order.  Apparel that's created after an order is placed, creates less fabric waste than conventional manufacturing.

My shipping materials and packaging are becoming more eco friendly too. In fact, if you have purchased from my shop within the past year, you may have noticed. Some of my products are already being sent in poly bags for packaging and are recyclable, low-density polyethylene, and some of the packages have recycling instructions on them.  As of May 2021, my apparel orders are being packaged with post-consumer recycled plastics. To reduce the impact of shipping on the environment, I also try to select products that can be fulfilled closer to my customers, which reduces greenhouse emissions created by transporting products across the world. There isn't a single one-size-fits-all packaging solution because different products require different packaging. There will be a lot of trial and error, and discovering what works. As I use up my current shipping supplies and materials, I will continue to research and try my best to learn and improve packaging and reduce waste.

Lastly, and most exciting, as a surprise for you, and a way to celebrate my new collection, I am sharing a special 10% OFF code which may be used for any new organic or eco friendly product in the new collection! CLICK THIS LINK to visit the new collection, and enter the code EARTH2022 at checkout to receive 10% off valid all month until May 31, 2022. If you love the new collection, and you know  family members or friends who also may enjoy it, please do share it with them! Your support is always very appreciated, and helps my little art business grow, and helps me to be able to continue to follow my dreams. 

Please do follow my social media accounts to keep up to date with these efforts, and to be the first to know about new product additions too! 

Thank you for your friendship, and support friend!  As always I wish you a beautiful magical day!
Donna Lisa xo