Antique Silver Owl Spirit Animal Flexible Artisan Bracelet - Onyx, and Hematite (Size 7.5")

Antique Silver Owl Spirit Animal Flexible Artisan Bracelet - Onyx, and Hematite (Size 7.5")

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Antique owl spirit animal, Onyx and Hematite artisan stretch bracelet handmade by Artist Donna Lisa. Bracelet features beautiful silver owl spirit animal, with black onyx and hematite beads with gunmetal clear Czech pave crystal accent beads for a perfect sparkling final touch. 


OWL SPIRIT ANIMAL - Wisdom, Intuition, Transformation

8 mm Diameter Natural Gemstone Onyx, and Hematite Beads strung onto high quality sturdy jewelry stretch cord, allowing easy roll on and off your wrist. 


  • BLACK ONYX - Powerful stone of protection.
  • HEMATITE - Protection stone that is grounding. Focus, and balance of mind, body and spirit.


  • Handmade Item
  • Materials: Gemstones, Antique Owl, and antique silver accent beads, and flexible elastic jewelry cord band.
  • Gemstones - Black Onyx and Hematite
  • Gemstone Size - 8 MM
  • Flexible band -  High quality strong stretch elastic jewelry cord
  • Bracelet Length - 7.5"


Handmade Jewelry & Care:

Natural Stones: I do my best to research and purchase the best natural stone beads. Because they are natural beads, they may vary in color, size and shapes, and may have some natural imperfections. Gemstone bead sizes are approximate and may have a +/- 0.5mm difference. I do try my very best to ensure that my handmade jewelry is the highest quality, as I create them, and send them to you. 

Flexible Elastic Cord: Bracelets are made with a strong, stretchy elastic cord. Tips to ensure the long lasting life of your handmade bracelet, includes carefully selecting a proper size,  avoid overstretching, or playing with the bracelet cord. It is best to roll your bracelet on and off of your wrist.

Warning/ Choking Hazard: This bracelet is NOT intended for children, and is a choking hazard due to small beads.

Returns: Please note that buyer must return the item to me for any refund or replacement of item within 30 days of purchase.

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